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Find Quality Workers, Faster.

You don't have time to review dozens of applications, play phone tag, or endure low-quality interviews. Let us take a load off your shoulders during hiring rushes. 


Elevora's Instant Interview leverages cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionize seasonal hiring. Say goodbye to scheduling hassles, no-shows, and volume stress. Instant Interview is a smarter, faster way to vet quality labor.

Review Applications with Precision:
No more sifting through piles of resumes. Candidates interview immediately as their application, and our AI instantly ranks their performance so you can prioritize the top contenders.

Automated Interviews:
Avoid the back-and-forth of scheduling at a high volume. Instant Interview eliminates interview scheduling and conducts interviews on your behalf, freeing up your time for critical tasks.

Instant Candidate Assessment:
Get instant insights into candidate alignment. Our intelligent ranking system filters out the noise, leaving you with the best matches for any job function. 


How Instant Interview works

1. Build your custom interview

Elevora writes intelligent interview questions for you based on your job skillsets, and your screening requirements.

2. Post the link anywhere

Instant Interviews are universal links you can use in job posts, social media, or even QR codes on physical signage.

3. Candidates interview on their own time

Anybody can opt in for an interview instantly, at any time. Our voice interviews work on any device. 

4. Elevora ranks candidate performance

Elevora grades interview performance instantly so you can identify the best at a glance. 

5. You handpick the best

Choose the top candidates and move forward with them 5x faster than before. Supercharge your hiring process!


What Makes Us Unique

Elevora interviews are like a cross between a cover letter, a screening phone call, and a first interview. We're focused on several categories:  

Hard Skills - If your work requires a specific set of hard skills, we have you covered. Elevora generates smart interview questions for any job description.

Soft Skills - Elevora generates questions for evaluating communication skills, conscientiousness, agreeableness, empathy, and more. 

Culture Fit - If culture is important, you can adjust Elevora to assess for cultural fit.

Fully Custom Questions - If you already have a set of questions you want to ask each candidate, Elevora can assess performance on fully custom questions. 

Instant Interview


Reduce your time to fill, interview more applicants, and focus on the best faster. We're confident you'll revolutionize your seasonal hiring process with Instant Interview, so we're giving away a free demo. Get started today! 

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