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Instant Interview

From job post to handshake in hours, not weeks. 

Elevora's Instant Interview software provides open interviews to all so you can shine a light on your best candidates. Companies that use Elevora gain a 16x faster time-to-screen and save $2500+ per hire. 

The job search is broken.

Let's fix it. 

At Elevora, we recognize that the antiquated hiring practices of yesterday need to be upended. Hiring has turned into a numbers game. With the rise of "one-click" applications, traditional resumes and cover letters are beginning to lose all validity. That's why we created Elevora, enabling any candidate to elevate their voice in an interview setting to show potential employers they have what matters: passion, ability to learn, and, of course, culture fit. When you use Elevora Instant Interview, you gain four major benefits:

1. Vetted candidates, instantly

The average time-to-screen candidates is 16 days, and the best are off the market in just 10 days. Instant Interview cuts that down by 10x or more - eliminating initial application assessment, interview scheduling, and screening time in one simple process. 

2. No more painful interviews

Applicants who apply via Instant Interview are ranked and culture-matched directly to your organization. Never waste time on a poor interview again; focus on the candidates who really care. 

3. Candidate-centric design, always

Elevora is designed from the ground up with candidates in mind. The interview process is simple, fast, and allows them to speak their truth in a verbal, freeform setting. No more soulless ATS application interface. 

4. Spearhead a changing paradigm

Organizations that use Elevora are pioneers of a new, better system that benefits everyone involved. Leave your competition behind and increase your brand equity among potential hires. 


How Instant Interview works

Build your custom interview

Elevora writes intelligent interview questions for you based on your job descripiton and culture.

Post the link anywhere

Instant Interviews are universal links you can put in your job posts, your website, or social media.

Candidates interview on their own time

Your candidates can interview instantly at their leisure.

Elevora ranks candidate performance

Elevora grades and ranks interview performance on several deep metrics.

You handpick the best

Choose your top applicants to move on to an in-person interview from the ranked list.


Start the conversation

Instant Interview is currently in Beta, but we've opened up access to a few select pilot users. If you want to kickstart your hiring process, save time and money, and hire more, please contact us. We'd love to discuss your business, pain points, and how Elevora can help. 

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