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Tackle Turnover with

Seamless AI-Driven Interviews at the Click of a Button.

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Turnover is a headache.

Work smarter, not harder.

As a retail leader, the only guarantee is change.  This is especially true when it comes to your team.  When turnover happens, you need to find great people yesterday. Elevora's Instant Interview leverages cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionize the hiring process. Say goodbye to scheduling hassles, no-shows, and volume stress. With Instant Interview, you'll discover a smarter, faster way to fill positions.  Getting you back to doing what you do best, providing world-class customer service!

Review Candidates with Precision:
No more looking through applications and resumes of people who are applying to your job with no interest in actually working for your company. Candidates opt-in to interview immediately as their application, and our tool instantly ranks candidates based on their performance so you can spend your valuable time engaging with the best talent. 

Automated Interviews:
Avoid the back-and-forth of scheduling interviews or interviewing while trying to help customers. Instant Interview eliminates interview scheduling and conducts interviews on your behalf, freeing up your time.

Flexible Interview Links:
Turnover is a constant struggle and can happen at any time.  We have created a simple process where you can build an interview once for a position, open it, close it, or leave it open indefinitely for your roles.  Simple and easy to use, so you aren't wasting your energy on administrative tasks. 

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How Instant Interview works

1. Build your custom interview

Elevora writes intelligent interview questions for you based on your job description, skillsets, and your company culture.

You can also build a fully customized interview based on the questions you need to ask

2. Post the link anywhere

Instant Interviews are universal links or QR codes you can use in job posts, your website, social media, or even displayed on signage in your store.  

3. Candidates interview on their own time

Anybody can opt in for an interview instantly, at a convenient time for them. Elevora interviews are voice-based, and can be taken on any device. 

4. Elevora ranks candidate performance

Elevora grades and ranks interview performance on several key metrics, so you can quickly identify the best candidates.

5. You handpick the best

Choose your top applicants to move forward in your interviewing process enabling you to focus less on screening applicants, and more on face to face interviews with your best applicants


What Makes Us Unique

Elevora interviews are like a cross between a cover letter, a screening phone call, and a first interview. We're focused on several categories:  

Hard Skills - If you have a strict set of hard skills or requirements, we have you covered. Elevora can generate smart interview questions for any job description in any industry. 

Soft Skills - Elevora generates questions for evaluating communication skills, ambition, conscientiousness, agreeableness, empathy, and more. 

Culture Fit - You can adjust your interview to assess for culture fit on a per-position basis.  

Fully Custom Questions - If you already have a set of questions you want to ask, Elevora can assess candidate performance against ideal answers that you provide. 

Instant Interview


Reduce your time to fill your open positions, open up the interview process, and get to a second interview with the best candidates faster. We're confident you'll revolutionize your interviewing with Instant Interview, so we're giving away free demos. Get started today! 

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