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Elevora automatically creates, conducts, and evaluates screening interviews. Interview 4x more candidates and screen 16x faster.


how does elevora work? 


Elevora creates custom interview questions based on your job description and company culture 


Elevora sends interviews links, and candidates complete their verbal-based interview on their own schedule


The interview results flow in, and candidates are automatically ranked in a results table by our AI


You handpick the best candidates to move forward for the next stage of your interview process

It's that simple.


intuitive, fast, and comprehensive

Our automated interviews free hundreds of hours per year from your plate, letting you focus on more strategic initiatives. You can create and set up interviews in five minutes or less, and you never have to worry about scheduling, evaluating, or ranking candidates.  Elevora is up to 16 times more time-efficient than traditional screening methods. Let us do the heavy lifting for you! 

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Elevora Executive Summary of Interview Results
Elevora grading metrics for AI interviews

Elevora isn't just another screening tool...

we elevate voices.

Here at Elevora, we believe in interviews for all. We're creating a world where all candidates can speak their truth in an interview setting to enhance the quality of your applicants and increase your brand equity. 

candidate friendly interviews

Elevora prioritizes the candidate's experience every step of the way with a simple, no-frills approach. With Elevora, you're using an automated interviewing platform that candidates truly appreciate.

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elevora personalized AI job interviews
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stress free AI job interview
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Keeping it Custom

Stress Free

Comprehensive & Fair

Elevora erases boilerplate interview questions forever. Our questions are driven directly based on the job description and your company culture, so candidates know they can showcase their skillsets.  

Elevora doesn't have a video component, easing candidate's minds. They can take their interview knowing that they are only evaluated by the content of their answers, and nothing else. 

Applicants won't have to worry about filling their responses with keywords or trying to "game" the system. Elevora can understand the nuance and depth of natural language. 

try a demo today

See how the power of Elevora can change the way your organization hires. 

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