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Find answers to any questions you may have about the Elevora experience.

frequently asked questions

  • Why should I use Elevora?
    Elevora is your specialized ally and partner in ensuring a thorough, equitable, and efficient hiring process. Our unique software enables you access to every single applicant applying for your positions, as opposed to only the ones you have time to review. Elevora leaves no potential candidates behind and provides a remarkable platform for gaining insight into experience, qualifications, and performance. Taking you from start to finish, this holistic approach not only saves a tremendous amount of time but assists you in making more informed hiring decisions. This exemplary software is also designed specifically to remove bias from all stages of the recruiting process. It’s one of a kind!
  • How does Elevora make the hiring process more efficient?
    Elevora is designed to streamline and elevate your hiring process. By focusing on the content within candidates' resumes and interview answers, we ensure a truly blind hiring process where the most qualified and culture-aligned candidates rise to the top. Our deep interview analysis and Resume Synergy Scores can save you significant time—what would take a human HR professional 230 hours, Elevora does instantly and more comprehensively. Click (here) to see how we determined this metric.
  • What makes Elevora stand out from other AI recruitment tools?
    Several features set Elevora far apart. We offer personalized questions, profound semantic and transferable skills analysis through Resume Synergy, and a strong focus on bias removal. By using audio only without video, we ensure a simpler, faster, and more comprehensive process, all while being less intimidating to candidates than a video interview. All this comes in a fully customizable package that's versatile enough for any job or industry, no matter how obscure. We're Elevora, and we're here to revolutionize your hiring process.
  • Can I add candidates after I've already sent out an interview?
    Absolutely! To add more candidates, navigate to the specific interview on your Job Dashboard and click "Add Applicants" to upload additional resumes. This flexibility allows you to seamlessly adapt to evolving hiring needs.
  • Can I extend the interview window after it has already started?
    Sure thing! Whether you're extending the window to accommodate new candidates or simply to give existing candidates more time, Elevora gives you the flexibility to adjust your hiring timeline as circumstances dictate.
  • Can I edit the interview after sending it out?
    Currently, this functionality is not available, but we're always working on enhancing our software. Stay tuned for future updates!
  • Can I retract an interview after it's been sent out?
    Once an interview link has been dispatched, it cannot be retracted. It's part of our commitment to giving all candidates a fair chance to participate in the hiring process. It would be unfair to retract an interview if certain applicants had already taken the interview, but some hadn't.
  • Can I have multiple rounds of interviews on Elevora?
    While this functionality is currently not available, we are actively working on it for future versions of Elevora. We continually strive to meet and exceed the evolving needs of HR professionals.
  • Can I see an overall snapshot of a candidate's performance?
    Yes, you can! Our software generates an executive summary for each candidate, providing a holistic view of their performance. We also provide a total average grade as a quick reference point.
  • Do you offer customer support?
    Certainly! We have a dedicated support team ready to provide you with any assistance you need. We're also working towards providing round-the-clock support to ensure we're always there when you need us. Our goal is to set you up for success!
  • Does Elevora auto-generate a job description?
    While we don't auto-generate job descriptions, we enhance the process with our Talent Ecosystem tool. This tool helps HR professionals describe the job more accurately, enabling a more personalized and precise match between jobs and candidates.
  • Does Elevora replace the need for internal team discussions about candidates?
    While team discussions and subjective opinions are part of the traditional hiring process, Elevora aims to streamline the process to focus on candidate competence and fit. By curating a shortlist of the top candidates, we help teams concentrate on the final decision-making, reducing time-consuming deliberations.
  • Can I select all the resumes in a folder at once?
    You sure can! Simply click on the "Upload Resumes" field and press Control+A in the file dialog that contains your resumes. This will select all the resumes at once, simplifying the upload process.
  • Can I listen to the full interview of a candidate?
    Absolutely! You can access and listen to the full interview of any candidate through the full results page. To get to a candidate's full results, simply click on their name in the interview results table. This feature allows you to deep dive into each response and gain a richer understanding of their suitability for the role.
  • Can I conduct second-round interviews on Elevora?
    You betcha! You can conduct second-round interviews using the same process as the initial interviews. We will also be rolling out a feature for future versions that includes a more comprehensive, customized, deeper dive into the second interview process.
  • Can other members of my team access Elevora to view results?
    Certainly! Elevora allows for different levels of account access. There are three account levels: Admin, Member, and Viewer. Members can create, send, and view interviews, Viewers can only view results, and Admins have full access.
  • Can I use Elevora to conduct group interviews?
    Currently, Elevora does not support group interviews. However, we're always working on enhancing our software, and this is a feature we're considering for future versions.
  • Does Elevora factor in a candidate's willingness to relocate?
    Yes, and much more! You can customize your own Screening Questions in each interview. If you ask a candidate if they can relocate, Elevora will assess their response and adjust their score accordingly. The screening feature works with any question you can imagine, such as questions concerning compensation, scheduling, certifications, etc.
  • Does Elevora support multiple languages?
    We are close. We're currently testing support for several languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German. Our goal is to make Elevora accessible to everyone, regardless of their preferred language.
  • How easy is it to learn to use Elevora?
    Using Elevora is a breeze. We provide in-depth instructional content and videos for self-guided learning, ensuring you can navigate and utilize the platform with ease. Again, our goal is to set you up for complete success!
  • How quickly can I set up Elevora and start interviewing?
    Setting up with Elevora is a breeze. You can establish your organization, invite collaborators, and create interviews in less than five minutes. We're focused on making your hiring process as efficient and straightforward as possible.
  • Can I preview the interview before sending it?
    Absolutely! We encourage you to preview your interview to ensure it meets your expectations and aligns with your hiring needs.
  • Can I use Elevora for high-volume recruitment?
    Elevora is especially designed for high-volume recruitment. Our platform can easily handle hundreds of candidates, sorting and ranking them to provide you with a manageable shortlist of top candidates. Talk about a time saver!
  • Can I use Elevora to conduct interviews for internships?
    Absolutely! Elevora is designed to accommodate any type of job or role, making it a perfect tool for conducting internship resume review and interviews as well.
  • Can I customize Elevora to fit my specific hiring needs?
    Definitely! You can adapt the Job Ecosystem statement to fit any job role as well as define your Culture statements. You can also adapt your Screening Questions to your needs for a particular position. Plus, at the end of the interview process, you can sort candidates by specific categories to find the perfect fit for your company.
  • Does Elevora offer a trial period?
    Yes, we offer a 45-day trial period, followed by a 30-day reduced cost version. After that, we ask that you choose a payment tier that suits your organization's hiring needs. This flexible approach allows you to try Elevora and see for yourself how it can revolutionize your hiring process. Click (here) for tier pricing options.
  • Can I import my existing candidate database into Elevora?
    This is a feature we hope to roll out in phase two. We are dedicated to updating and enhancing our platform based on our customers' needs.
  • Will software updates affect ongoing interviews?
    No, software updates will not affect ongoing interviews. They're designed to deploy seamlessly and automatically, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.
  • Are there different pricing plans available for Elevora?
    Yes, we offer various pricing plans to cater to different hiring needs and volumes. Please check our pricing page or contact our sales team for more information.
  • Can Elevora be used for remote hiring?
    Absolutely! Elevora is perfect for remote hiring. Our platform's focus on examining the content of candidates' resumes and interview answers ensures a fair and comprehensive evaluation, regardless of the candidate's location. Candidates can access Elevora interviews at all hours of the day, from anywhere in the world.
  • Am I locked into a contract?
    Nope! If you aren't happy with our services or want to drop down a tier, you can at anytime. We make this process simple and easy.
  • Do you have referral awards?
    Yes, you can contact us about become an Elevora affiliate (here).
  • Is there a step by step guide to help me navigate the Elevora process?
    Yes, you can check out our instructional content (here).
  • What happens once I get the interview scores?
    Candidates will be ranked in the interview results table (accessible by clicking "View Results" on your job in the Job Dashboard). You can sort by overall combined score, or each of the five category scores. You can also click on each applicant to view their full question by question results.
  • Do applicants get notified throughout the steps of the process?
    Applicants receive an email notifying them of their interview. They will also receive an automatic reminder email if they have not finished their interview within 48 hours of the interview window closing. We are currently working on finishing our Anti-Ghosting feature, which allows you to automatically send personal rejection emails to each candidate that you did not shortlist.
  • Can I customize communication to the candidates?
    Not yet, but we are working on it! Soon you will be able to set up your rejection and acceptance emails to your preference.
  • Can I demo the Elevora system?
    Yes, you can access our free demo (here)!
  • Is there a way to archive data? What is this process?
    We are currently working on our data export feature. Soon, you will be able to export and save all interview data for each interview round.
  • Is this software helpful for audits?
    You betcha! The interview transcript is already recorded, easy to read and consistent for every candidate who is interviewed, so you can audit bias free.
  • Can I add my own questions to the interview?
    Of course! Elevora's interview editor allows you to customize your interview questions, so you can ask exactly what you need to assess your candidates accurately.
  • Are there limits to how many jobs I can interview for at once?
    No, there are no limits on interviewing for multiple jobs. However, keep in mind that there is a limit of 100 interviewees per job. This ensures we maintain the high quality and efficiency of our service.
  • How many applicants can I add at a time?
    The number of applicants you can add at a time depends on your platform tier. With certain tiers, you can add 100+ applicants simultaneously. Click (here) for more details about tiers.
  • Can I export interview data to our HRIS/ATS?
    This is in the works! We will be rolling out new updates soon. We're committed to creating a seamless and integrated hiring experience and are working on integrating Elevora with over a dozen popular HRIS and ATS systems.
  • Can I see the progress of an interview, such as whether it's been taken or is in progress?
    Yup, Elevora provides three states for each interview: not taken, in progress, and completed. This helpful feature allows you to effectively track each candidate's progress throughout the interview process.
  • What happens with the details I provide in the Job Ecosystem section?
    The details you provide in the Job Ecosystem section are used to generate the recommended questions that Elevora will ask your candidates. These details are then used as a grading metric for the cultural fit questions, helping to identify candidates who align with your organization.
  • Can I use the same Job Ecosystem for different job descriptions?
    While you can technically do so, we recommend creating a unique Job Ecosystem for each job description. This ensures that the evaluation process is finely tuned to the specific culture and requirements of each role. If you're in a rush, you can skip this step entirely and Elevora with simply use your job description for the culture fit evaluator.
  • Do I have to fill out a Job Ecosystem for each interview?
    Although we highly recommend it, you don't have to fill out a Job Ecosystem each time. If you elect to skip this step, Elevora will assess culture fit based on the contents of your job description.
  • What resume file formats does Elevora accept?
    Elevora accepts resumes in PDF, .docx, and .txt formats. Our aim is to make the process of uploading resumes as straightforward and inclusive as possible.
  • What happens if we do not have the right resume format?
    We are working on expanding the file formats available for upload in a future update, Elevora is constantly improving!
  • How does Elevora handle industry-specific jargon and language nuances?
    Elevora excels in this aspect. Our software is designed to understand semantic language processing, viewing all information holistically and within the correct context. This ensures that industry-specific jargon and language nuances are accurately interpreted and considered during the evaluation process.
  • How does Elevora ensure fairness in the evaluation process?
    Elevora is designed to place all candidates on a level playing field. Everyone is graded on the same metrics, ensuring a consistent evaluation. Our AI testing results have proven to be 17 times more consistent than human evaluators and has shown no tangible biases against protected classes. We're committed to maintaining an equitable hiring process. It’s one of the things we are most proud of!
  • How do I know your AI is fair and unbiased?
    We have conducted extensive research and compiled a whitepaper that demonstrates the fairness and unbiased nature of our AI. You can read it (here) to understand better how Elevora ensures an impartial evaluation process.
  • Is Elevora ADA compliant?
    We sure are! We are fully ADA compliant. Candidates who require accommodations can easily access a text-based, time-extended version of the interview. We're committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone.
  • How does Elevora handle data security?
    We take data security very seriously. All data is stored on our secure cloud server and is deleted after 30 days unless you choose to download and store it. Our data policy is transparent and can be read (here).
  • How reliable is the Synergy Score in identifying suitable candidates?
    The Synergy Score has proven to be a highly reliable and insightful tool in evaluating candidate suitability. It offers a comprehensive analysis of a candidate's experience, education, and skills and how they directly correlate to the job description. For more detailed information, please read our whitepaper.
  • Does Elevora automatically filter out candidates who might not be a cultural fit?
    Elevora has a grading metric for Culture Fit specifically, so candidates that have a better cultural alignment will be sorted towards the top of the list, especially if they have great demonstration of job skills, communication, and ambition. Those with a lower culture fit score will naturally rank lower on the list of suggested candidates. You can prioritize culture fit by sorting the results table by the culture fit score.
  • How are the questions personalized for each candidate?
    Our software adapts the template questions generated with your job description to fit each candidate's resume. For instance, a question like "In your past roles, how have you successfully executed innovation strategies?" will be transformed to "In your experience at Rair Technologies, how did you successfully execute innovation strategies?" This personalization adds relevance and depth to our interview process, while keeping it fair for every interviewee. Other interview software asks boiler plate questions that are impersonal and uninteresting. Elevora focuses on stimulating candidate engagement through personalization during our interviews to boost satisfaction. (Screening Questions are not adapted, they are asked of everyone the same way).
  • Can candidates continue their interview if their connection is interrupted?
    Absolutely. At Elevora, we understand that technology can sometimes let us down. We've designed our system to automatically save a candidate's progress. If an interview is interrupted, candidates can continue at any point and continue where they left off, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted interview experience.
  • How does Elevora handle speech recognition errors?
    Our system uses the highly accurate Deepgram speech-to-text AI, which boasts a low word error rate of just 0.4%. To accommodate any transcription errors, our AI provides consistent scoring up to a 5% word error rate, ensuring consistent scoring. For those with heavy accents, a speech impediment, or a disability, an alternative text-based interview can be unlocked, demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity.
  • Do I (or my applicants) need to download an app to use Elevora?
    Nope! Elevora is web-based, no need for additional downloads. Just open your browser and get started. We're all about convenience and making your hiring process as easy as possible.
  • Can Elevora identify transferable skills from different industries?
    It sure can! Our Synergy Score reflects transferable skills from resumes, identifying candidates' potential beyond their specific industry experience. We believe in the value of diverse experiences and the power of transferable skills.
  • Can a candidate request a new interview if theirs fails?
    Our current system is designed to avoid interview failures, however we are currently enhancing this feature as well. We're constantly working to improve our platform based on user feedback and needs.
  • Can Elevora detect an interviewee's falsified claims?
    While our platform doesn't directly detect falsified claims, we solve for this by asking open-ended culture-fit questions that do not always have a "right" answer.
  • Does Elevora discriminate based on a candidate's background?
    No, Elevora's AI does not discriminate based on a candidate's background. Instead, we focus on alignment with company values and job requirements. We're committed to providing an equitable, fair, and unbiased hiring process.
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